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Hello shag. It’s been a while.
I am currently at my folks so I have some spare time and I can update this blog.

SPOILER ALERT: Please notice that there will be minor spoilers in this article, especially regarding Pokèmon Sun and Pokèmon Moon. Thus if you still haven’t played the game, please come back later. If you are okay with spoilers, then go on.


Future plans: a quick view

A really quick post about what is going to be up in this blog in the following couple of months. I promise I will respect the schedule this time! 

I am coming back with the reviews, since I found a new Pokèmon game and I will surely write something about the ne Pokèmon Sun I'm going to purchase. 

A review on the Yaoi stuff is coming out. It's not going to be the conventional "OH GAHD, MY OTP IS SOOOO COOOOL", but I need to watch a couple of them again. 

The "How Do I University" series is still coming out, I'm working on it! 

By the end of the year, I will post a 2016 upsies as well as the drawing development, let's keep the tradition alive. 

That's all I needed to tell you, have a happy halloween guys ;)


Halloween special: my favorite 10 creepy characters

Someone is suggesting me today's Halloween.
I thought it would be nice to use this day as an "excuse" to make a post on my favorite "Hallowen characters", or those characters who, for their role can be found ou during the Halloween night.
No, they are not creepy. I just din't want to spoil anything. Well, actually Haruka kind of gives me the creeps.... 
Before the official start, this post might contain minor spoilers on the following series: American Horror Story; Digimon Adventures I/II; Pokèmon Reborn, Pokèmon,; Law&Order SVU; Who framed Roger Rabbit, Spyro the Dragon; Crash Bandicoot; Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.
If you don't care please proceed, otherwise, thank you for stopping by!


"How do I University?" EXTRA! - Professors

Well, well, well.
I decided to write a little extra for this week's thread.
I got the idea form a group of Italian Youtubers called Nirkiop with their video "Che professore universitario hai?" if you are Italian speakers, please give it a watch and laugh.
Below you will find a list of some stereotypes regarding Professors, I will help you to identify them and share some tips with you on how to face them.
Before we proceed, however, I used scores reguarding the parameters difficulty and rarity. Scores are indicated with stars. Please check the scales below:

* = Super easy
** = Easy
*** = Medium
**** = Hard
***** = Extremely Hard

* = Almost unique
** = Rare
*** = Medium
**** = Pretty common
***** = Zubat in Mt. Silver


"How do I University?" Part 4: Lectures

Good morning enrolled students living in your own flat with a grant.
We've been talking about administrative stuff for the last three posts, now isn't about time we start to talk about lectures a bit?
Me at every Food Marketing lecture


"How Do I University?" Part 3: Grants, discounts and part-time jobs

I can't believe it, it's part three time already.
Starting from where we left last week, you enrolled at University and found a room/house.
Now, you will soon start to realize what being a student means: your money will soon develop the ability to disappear.

Yes, among fees, rent, shopping, various material you will find yourself with few money left at the end of the month....or maybe not?


Pokèmon OTP headcanons

It's been a while since I last published this kind of stuff here, but I found those tumblr challenges I'd really like to try out since they are pretty brief. I want to make one for every single OTP of mine in the Pokèmon World (The ones I used the most are seven though).